Danity Paige | The Pageant Princess | 18 years old | OPEN | Floor One | FC: Selena Gomez

"Lights, camera, action! I treat everywhere I go like a TV show."

Talk about your drama queens. Danity’s the prima donna of those queens. She’s a pageant princess, known for her many awards and appearances at pageants worldwide. Danity’s another one of those spoiled rich girls, and she loves the attention no matter what. Aside from that, she’s also a “compromising” actress. She treats every place she goes like a soap opera. And with this, she’s managed to piss off many, as if that wasn’t obvious enough, she also treats it as a romantic soap opera. Before we chose her, it turns out she was already on the look out for love. Danity’s a nice girl, a real all-American sweetheart. It’s just her personality that’s hard to get by. Danity rooms with Auriella and Delilah, and gets along with them just fine. She’s not in sync with the rest of her roomates, which causes her to be out of the loop and confused half the time. She unwittingly manages to grab a lot of cuffed guys for herself. Amazing, isn’t it? Action! Danity’s here for the cameras even though she doesn’t know there are cameras.

Damien Terrence | The Secret Host | 21 years old | OPEN | Floor Two | FC: Ian Somerhalder

"I’m the instigator, starting almost all the drama here at the mansion."

Our secret host, Damien Terrence, is the instigator and drama starter of Love Games. He lays back and watches all the action that goes down in the mansion and then when it gets boring, he manages to stir some up again if some of the other roomates haven’t already. The secret host plays a big part of Love Games if you haven’t noticed it already. We picked Damien because he looks great in a suit and has that face for the cameras. But really, he gets whatever he can find and send it back to us, the producers. He’s the one to stop a fight if it gets too bloody, and give everyone headphones if the couple in the VIP room gets too loud. Sadly, the secret host cannot have any love connections in the mansion because then, things will get biased. Damien follows this rule to a tee, but after meeting some of these girls, he may find himself in the drama as well. He rooms with Drake and Andrew and hasn’t told anyone about his role here because that would ruin the fun, now wouldn’t it? The instigator, the host, and one of the perfect faces of Love Games. Let’s just say he’s the coach, and you’re all the players.

Elease James | The Girl Next Door | 20 years old | OPEN | Floor One | FC: Taylor Swift

"Touch me, bitch. This will be the last time you ever hear me talk."

The Girl Next Door — Elease James? She looks sweet and believe us, she is. She’s truely the sweetest, most innocent out of all the girls. You could say she’s obviously the goody-goody of the house. She doesn’t like the drama that goes down between the girls nor the guys. Guess she’s the girl who stands out from the crowd, you could say? Now, now. This can be taken as a good thing. For Elease, it is. Honestly? Nope. What she doesn’t know is that everyone uses her for their own fun and games. Of course, there are 2 sides to every story. She may seem sweet and dainty as she looks. But deep down, she is just like everyone else in this house. Mess with her? She wouldn’t be afraid to break a nail or two. Maybe even a wall. This girl is from Brooklyn and even though you don’t see it, she doesn’t let anyone take too much advantage of her. Elease rooms with Valencia and Camilla but only gets along with Camilla since Valencia pushes her away. She only wants one thing, and that is one guy she can be with during this horrible summer vacation.

Camilla Hale | The Party Diva | 20 years old | OPEN | Floor One | FC: Nina Dobrev

"Fuck who you want, and fuck who you like. Party all day and party all night! That’s my motto!"

The life of the party — Camilla Hale. She’s the girl everyone can count on for the best night of their lives. She gets drunk easily, dances like a maniac, and sings her heart out whenever you give her that shot of liquor. Camilla’s all about the nightlife and the clubs, and when everyone’s down, just puts on some music and dances around. She’ll hand you a shot and tell you to go mattress surfing. Camilla’s the all-around type of girl, but when she gets too drunk, she’s hard to control. Camilla’s that “angry drunk” when you give her too much. She smashes stuff, blurts out nonsense, and gets violent if you try to touch her. She’s not really into relationships because she feels like a boyfriend will only stop her from partying as much. But meeting some of these guys at the house, her view has changed a little. She rooms with Valencia and Elease, mostly getting along with just Elease. Camilla’s not one for drama or one to start drama, but with her liquid courage or even her sober courage, she’ll put a stop to it then and there. All for partying and living life, and with a little taste of love, everything’s just fine for Camilla Hale.

Peyton Evans | The Boy Toy | 18 years old | OPEN | Floor Two | FC: Justin Bieber

"Play me to your heart’s content, and I’ll show you what a real game is.."

The singer, the heartthrob, and the boy toy of Love Games — Peyton Evans. He’s your average guy, cute, adorable, and a major player. You may have seen the guys who flirt like there’s no tomorrow with all the girls, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve been played by Peyton. He’s like a conductor in an orchestra. He does whatever to get you to do whatever he wants. Not to mention, he’s a little slut. With that wonderful singing voice and smile sent from heaven, he’ll have you groveling at his feet. Of course, that’s not how he comes off. Peyton’s known for his very brief relationships which often end in heartbreak — for the girls. He’s all for the lust, and hasn’t even bothered with a real relationship of love. Of course, that’s going to change here in his time at the house. Peyton rooms with Xavier and Aiden and gets along with them just fine. He has no problem with the guys until he tries to snatch their girl. Keep ‘em cuff, boys. The wolf is on the loose.

Xavier Christian | The Prankster | 19 years old | OPEN | Floor Two | FC: Zayn Malik

"It’s all fun and games until someone wants to be a bitch about it."

Every house needs the funny guy, and this house has Xavier. Xavier’s a kid at heart, and often does his favorite pastime here at the house — pranking everyone. It doesn’t matter who it is, he always has a prank ready for them. Xavier’s a little arrogant at best and doesn’t really care when people get frustrated with his pranks. When it comes to the girls, he’s often cracking jokes to avoid anything awkward. He’s  got his eye on some of the girls but he’s staying away until he knows exactly what he’s dealing with. Xavier’s everyone’s little brother, and the funniest guy in the house. He rooms with Peyton and Aiden and is the complete opposite when it comes to them. He doesn’t really support Aiden’s gossiping or Peyton’s five-minute relationships but he manages to get along with them just fine. He didn’t come in this house to find the girl of his dreams, but apparently, he’s got his eye on a few right now. Need a good laugh when you’re feeling down? Just follow Xavier around the house and you’ll be falling out any moment.

Aiden Scott | The Sly One | 19 years old | OPEN | Floor Two |  FC: Harry Styles

"What can I get away with? Anything."

The smooth talker and the sly one — Aiden Scott is one of the cute faces you’ll find in the Love Games mansion. He’s talkative and loud and gets away with anything, and I do mean anything. Aiden loves spreading rumors and twisting the truth. He’s considered as everyone’s best friend because all he does in the mansion is walk around and talk to everyone. Aiden has the deepest heart-to-heart conversations with most of his roomates but only does it to spread the dirtiest secrets around the house. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it, and with this, he’s even managed to get three of his exes to fight each other at a club back in his hometown Orlando. Aiden rooms with Xavier and Peyton and often tells them about his plans to try and stir up drama around the house. Aiden’s a little tease with alot of the girls, and already has some wrapped around his finger. Don’t tell Aiden everything, cause he’ll manage to ruin it all in just one night and still get away with it.

Auriella ‘Ari’ Verity | The Two-faced Trick | 19 years old | TAKEN | Floor One | FC: Ariana Grande

"Don’t worry sweetheart, I won’t hurt you that bad.."

Auriella, nicknamed “Ari”, is the two-faced trick in the Love Games mansion. She’ll say one thing to the guy she likes and another to satisfy a guy she lusts. She comes off as an innocent and doll-like, batting her eyelashes and pursing her pretty pink lips. Many guys, even some girls, adore her because of how adorable and sweet she seems. But if she really was, she wouldn’t be in Love Games, right? Auriella is a compulsive liar, always getting someone else to do her dirty work for her. She never fights her own fights, instead, she manages to convince some of the other girls to fight for her. As sweet as she seems, she loves seeing the drama go down in the mansion between the girls and the guys. She rooms with Danity and Delilah and she considers them her best friends, even though, she only uses them. Even though it may not seem like it, she’s got her eyes on a few guys in the house, and will say anything to get them in the VIP room. She can bring you up or break you down and with a few words, she can get your guy in bed faster than you can cuff him.  Don’t let the pretty face fool you, she’s out to get whatever drama she can find.

Valencia ‘Val’ de Sella | 19 years old | TAKEN | Floor One | FC: Vanessa Hudgens

"I’ll take whatever’s yours with the flip of my hair and a kiss to the crowd."

Valencia, often called, “Val” is the glamour slut of Love Games. She comes from a rich background as daddy’s spoiled brat. She’s seen as high and mighty by everyone else, or so it seems. Everyone is her underdog no matter how old or how above you may be. She fights with her freshly done french manicure, and often goes straight for the hair. It doesn’t matter what you want, Valencia takes whatever she wants whenever she wants. In the mansion she stays in a room with Camilla and Elease, and after not getting her own private suite, she surely resents it but puts up with it as well. She’s never really had any friends because it’s all about “Me, Myself and I,” for this spoiled princess. Valencia is originally from New York City, attending a prestigious private college, and she decided to step away from all that and enter our “contest”. Valencia’s conceited, bitchy, and a slut that sits high on her imaginary throne. Think the other girls are worse? Wait ‘till you hear Valencia. She has no problem putting everyone in their place. Don’t believe us? Well then, let’s see if you’re brave enough to knock her down.